Resin Nedir ve Banyo Aksesuarlarında Neden Tercih Edilir?

What is Resin and Why is it Preferred in Bathroom Accessories?

The materials used in bathroom decoration are important in terms of both aesthetics and durability. At this point, we encounter resin. Resin is an extremely break-resistant and long-lasting material. So, what is resin and why is it so preferred in bathroom accessories? Here we discuss this issue in full detail. So, what is resin and why are Irya bathroom accessories produced with resin? We have brought together for you the secrets of our brand in bathroom accessories and why we prefer resin with our production and brand team.

What is Resin?
Resin is a material consisting of a combination of polyurethane resin and polyester resin. Resin, which has high durability, is lighter and more flexible than plastic and ceramic materials. At the same time, this material can easily take shape, which provides freedom of design.

Why Is Resin Used in Bathroom Accessories?

Aesthetic Appearance : Resin has a shiny and smooth surface, which gives bathroom accessories a stylish and modern look.

Durability : Resin, which is not affected by water and moisture, provides long-lasting use.

Lightness : Being lighter than other materials, resin offers ease of transportation and placement.

Comparison of Ceramic and Plastic Accessories

Disadvantages of Ceramic Accessories : Ceramic accessories stand out with their fragile structure. This fragility can be a disadvantage in humid and frequently used areas such as bathrooms.
While their weight may pose difficulties in transportation and placement, they are also very sensitive to moisture and water. There is a risk of deformation due to the effect of moisture in the long term.

Limitations of Plastic Accessories: Plastic may be seen as an economical option, but it is not aesthetically pleasing.
It is prone to problems such as fading, scratches and deformation over time. In addition, the environmental impact and durability of plastic materials are not as high as resin and ceramics.

Superiority of Resin Bathroom Accessories : Resin bathroom accessories have superior features against these disadvantages of other materials.
Having an aesthetic appearance, the resin also stands out with its high durability and easy maintenance. If you are looking for both eye-catching elegance and long-lasting use in your bathroom, choosing resin bathroom accessories will be the best decision.

Resin Bathroom Accessories Maintenance Guide
Here are the basic maintenance steps you should pay attention to to extend the life of your resin accessories:

Cleaning : Wipe with a damp cloth once a week. Avoid abrasive cleaners.

Drying :
Dry after cleaning; Prevents water spots.

Avoid Chemicals : Stay away from products containing harsh chemicals.

Sunlight : Do not leave in the sun for long periods of time; There is a risk of fading.

Temperature : Protect from extreme heat or cold.

Protection : Avoid contact with hard objects; carries the risk of scratches.

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