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What is a Wearable Blanket? How to Choose a Wearable Blanket

Wearable blankets, which have gained popularity in the fashion world in recent years, have become indispensable for those looking for functionality and comfort.

We follow these unique products and follow fashion trends closely by using them in our products.

What is a Wearable Blanket?

Wearable blanket, as the name suggests, is a textile product that is both wearable and blankety. Standing out with its warm-keeping feature, this product offers comfortable warmth even when you are on the move.

Usage areas

At home : You can use it comfortably while watching movies, reading a book or doing household chores.

Camping and Picnic : Keeps you warm while spending time in nature in cold weather.

In the office : Ideal to keep you warm during the cold days of winter in the office environment.

Traveling : It is a product that you will not want to take with you on long trips or holidays.

Comfort and Style

These types of blankets are usually made of comfortable fabric and offer a wide range of movement. In this way, you can stay warm and move freely. You can find an option that suits your style with its variety of colors and patterns.

Maintenance Recommendations

Hand Wash : It is recommended to wash by hand to keep the life of the product long.

Low Temperature Washing : You can protect the product by washing at a maximum temperature of 30°C.

Ironing : If you need to iron, turn the product inside out and iron it at low temperature.

Drying : Prefer natural drying methods and avoid using dryers.

İrya's Es Parla Collection

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Combination of Quality and Comfort

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