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How Often Should Duvet Cover Sets Be Washed?

Proper care of bedding sets is critical for both longevity and hygiene. How often to wash duvet cover sets may vary depending on your usage habits, personal preferences and living conditions. It would be best to create a routine that suits you by taking into account the five basic items below.

How Often Should Duvet Cover Sets Be Washed? At what intervals should you wash your duvet cover sets?

In order for you to decide on your general washing frequency, we have created a special guide for you by paying attention to the following five basic items:

  1. Frequency of use:

    • Bedding used daily should be washed once a week or at least once every two weeks.
    • Spare duvet cover sets that are used less frequently can be washed as needed.
    • You can make your washing more frequent or less frequent depending on your frequency of use.
  2. Skin and Health Condition:

    • If there are skin problems, allergies or health problems, bedding can be washed more often. If you have skin problems on your face and hair, we recommend that you wash more frequently and change your pillowcases more often.
    • We also recommend people who tend to sweat to wash more frequently.
  3. Seasons:

    • Sweating may increase in hot summer months, so it would be more appropriate to wash duvet cover sets frequently during summer months. Your fabric choice also affects sweating, we recommend that you choose breathable duvet cover sets, for example our Marla Duvet Cover Set .
    • In winter months, washing can be done less frequently than in warm seasons.
  4. Activities and Creatures at Home:

    • Bedding should be washed more frequently in homes with pets or smokers. The quality of the air, the atmosphere and the living creatures in the house can accelerate the contamination of linens.
  5. Instructions for Use:

    • Washing duvet cover sets according to our recommendations can extend the life of the product. You can use your Irya duvet cover sets in their best shape by following our care secrets and instructions. We recommend that you follow the product's care and cleaning instructions for your duvet cover sets of different qualities and from different yarns.

An important point to remember is that washing duvet cover sets frequently may cause the fabric and colors to wear out more quickly. Therefore, instead of setting a specific frequency, taking a flexible approach as needed, considering the above factors, will be best for your home, your bedding, and you.

How Do I Wash My Irya Duvet Cover Sets?

• Wash Before Use: Wash bedding separately before first use.

• Warm Machine Wash: Machine wash in warm water. Avoid high temperatures. Pay attention to color separation during washing.

• Do Not Use Chemicals: Do not use bleach or oxidizing chemicals.

• Using a Dryer: Dry with a dryer at low temperature.

• Ironing: We recommend ironing at medium heat, without applying too much pressure.

It is very important to choose duvet cover sets that you can use for a long time. Choosing quality, durable and 100% cotton duvet cover sets is an important factor for your health and will also affect your sleep quality. To improve your sleep quality with quality duvet cover sets, you can examine our duvet cover sets and renew your bedroom with Irya quality.