Kilimler Çamaşır Makinesinde Yıkanabilir Mi?

Can Rugs Be Washed in the Washing Machine?

Rugs are an indispensable part of home decoration and our traditions, but over time, like every textile product in our home, they can get dirty. So, is it possible to wash your rugs in the machine? Which rugs can you wash and how? We have brought together the washability of rugs and tips to pay attention to for you.

Can Rugs Be Washed in the Washing Machine?

Machine washable rugs add comfort and convenience to your home decoration by providing practical and fast cleaning. These rugs can effectively remove stains with deep cleaning and adapt to a variety of fabrics, offering a wide range of uses. Specially produced machine washable rugs can be washed at low speed with cold water and gentle detergent and dried naturally in the sun to ensure long-lasting use. This practical cleaning method offers homeowners time savings and ease of use.

We recommend that you follow the product-specific washing and care instructions for all your products. The healthiest method is definitely the washing method that is suitable for the product's own texture and production technique.

How to Wash Machine Washable Rugs?

1. Synthetic Rugs:

  • You can wash machine-washable synthetic rugs using cold water and mild detergent.
  • We recommend washing at low speed and with a gentle washing program.
  • It can be dried naturally in the sun.

2. Natural Fiber Rugs:

  • Natural fiber rugs often require professional cleaning. If machine washing, wool program and cold water should be used.

3. Antique or Handmade Rugs:

  • Professional cleaning is recommended. It should not be machine washed.

4. Small Rugs:

  • If the size of the machine is suitable, you can wash small rugs at home.

5. Irya Rug Collection : Eco-Friendly and Machine Washable

Our rug collection is both environmentally friendly and machine washable. Our sustainably produced rugs, which provide their environmentally friendly structure with excess fabric scraps from textile production, offer an ideal option in terms of both aesthetics and usage. Our rugs, which are a practical and stylish choice for your home decoration, always offer comfortable and practical use in your home as they are machine washable.

Remember, it is important to check the label information and determine the correct cleaning method before washing your rugs in the machine. Discover our machine-washable rug collection and feel the practical cleanliness in home decoration.