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Round Bath Mats: Round Bath Mats Models and Features

If you are looking for a touch of luxury at every step in your bathroom, Irya's round bath mats may be just the bathroom complement you are looking for. With our mats produced from 100% cotton, we take your bathroom experience to the next level by combining natural cotton softness and durability. Let's examine our round bath mat models and their features together!

Our round bath mats from our bath mat collection:

  • Puffed: With its minimalist design, Puffed adds a soft texture to your simple and modern bathroom aesthetics. It adapts to different bathroom styles with its round shape and timeless colors.
  • Laura: Our most popular bath mat, Laura, offers a unique elegance and a warm feeling to your bathroom with its unique design. A timeless design with its round design, modern colors and hand-sewn tassels.
  • Moon: Our inspiration for the design of our Moon bath mat is moonlight. A design consisting of different textures and knitting techniques for your bathroom with the surface of the moon and the eye-catching color of the moonlight.
  • Olivid: Olivid bath mat creates a unique atmosphere in your bathroom with its simple and elegant design. A design that complements the elegance in your bathroom with its calm color tones and stylish details.
  • Lowell: With its unique design and elegance, Lowell offers modern beauty in your bathroom. A unique design with special details and stylish colors.
  • Pina: Pina bath mat has a unique design with its round design, warm color tones and elegant tassel details. While adding warmth and elegance to your bathroom, it attracts attention with its impressive details.

What are the Features of Our Bath Mats?

100% Cotton: Our bath mats are produced using 100% cotton. With this feature, our mats allow you to feel the softness and durability of natural cotton. You can relax with the perfect touch of cotton, leaving aside the tiredness of the day at every step in your bathroom.

Softness: The natural softness of cotton gives you a soft luxurious feeling with every step. It is designed to offer a special softness for those looking for convenience and comfort in the bathroom.

Special Design: As with all our products, our round bath mats are shaped by the careful work of our design team. Each model is carefully designed to add an elegant and simple touch to your bathroom with its modern colors and special details.

Hand Weaving Technique: Each doormat is produced carefully and handcrafted using the hand weaving technique with the help of a machine. It reflects our care and effort while bringing together craftsmanship and originality.

Absorbency: The natural absorbency and thread structure of cotton gives our bath mats a fast-drying and hygienic feature. It keeps your bathroom dry and fresh after every use, so you can enjoy cleanliness and comfort with your round bath mat.

To complete the elegance in your bathroom, you can combine Irya's carefully designed round bath mats with uniquely designed bathroom accessories and soft textured towels. Here are some options: Laura, Moon, Olivid, Pina, Puffed and Lowell. Each has unique designs that will add an elegant touch to your bathroom.

Bring elegance and comfort together in your bathroom with Irya's round bath mats . Now, visit Irya's website and choose the product and design that best suits your bathroom and add beauty to your bathroom with one touch!