Tekstilde GSM Nedir? Tekstilde Kaliteyi Anlamak

What is GSM in Textile? Understanding Quality in Textile

We would like to give you some information about "GSM", a term of the textile world. GSM is the abbreviation of "Gram per Square Meter" and is a unit that measures the weight of textile products. So, this weight is our products, and why is it important to you? How does it guide you in understanding the right quality in textiles and when shopping? We have compiled our notes with our production team for you.

What is GSM and why is it important in textiles?

GSM stands for "Gram Per Square Meter". It is a unit of measurement used in textile products and indicates the weight of the product. So why is this important? For example, a 400 GSM towel means that 400 grams of fiber are placed in one square meter of this towel. This measurement provides us with important information about the texture, quality and performance of the product.

Scaling to Understand Quality

GSM is an important scale to understand the quality of textile products. Low GSM values ​​generally represent thin and light products, while high GSM values ​​represent thick and weighty products. However, the ideal GSM value varies for each product. For example, a lower GSM value may be preferable when determining the quality of a bathrobe, but a higher GSM value may be more practical for a towel. Experiencing the GSM value you prefer will help you make the best choice. Different countries and cultures have different GSM standards. For example, while America prefers heavier GSM towels and bathrobes, lower weights are preferred in Europe.

Quality Impact on Standard Towels, Bathrobes and Curl Products

Let's examine a few examples of our bathroom textile products and take a look at the GSM values ​​we prefer specifically for you.

  1. İrya Confetti Bathrobe - 340 GSM: Thanks to its high GSM value, this bathrobe offers extraordinary softness and quality.

  2. İrya Luxe Towel - 500 GSM : With its stylish and lightweight design, this towel set is ideal for daily use. It stands out with its practical and fast drying features.

As Irya, we pay special attention to GSM values ​​when determining the quality of each of our products. In order to offer you the best user experience, we choose the optimum GSM values ​​for our standard towels, bathrobes and curling products.

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