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Jayla Loincloth

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Reflect your style at the beach with simple and stylish designs. It was produced for a holiday full of peace and comfort with its simple and elegant patterns, soft textures and fast-drying structure.
Product Details
  • 100% Cotton:Our loincloths are produced using 100% cotton, you will feel the natural cotton softness and durability.
  • Fast Drying:Say goodbye to wet and heavy towels. It dries quickly, leaving you relaxed and feeling light on the beach.
  • Lightness:Its easy-to-carry, lightweight structure allows you to carry your beach belongings easily. With its compact design, it fits easily into your beach bag and saves space.
  • Softness:It pampers your skin with its soft texture and offers comfortable use.
  • Custom design:Colourful, vibrant and cheerful designs inspired by the energy of the sun.
  • Multifunctional:You can use it as a loincloth on the beach, as a shawl on cool summer evenings, as a dress with different tying methods, and as a mat for yoga and sports.
  • Sand Proof:Our loincloths have sand-proof features, so sticking sand on the beach is no longer a problem!
Maintenance and Cleaning

We have created our maintenance guide for your long-lasting and high-quality use of our beach collection. To ensure long-lasting use of the products in their softest, most voluminous and absorbent form, please follow our care guide.

  • Wash Before Use:Machine wash with warm temperature before first use, avoid high temperatures. During washing, be careful to separate the colors and not to fill the machine too much.
  • Do Not Use Chemicals:Minimize the use of bleach or oxidizing chemicals and your use of detergents and softeners.
  • Dryer:Dry at low temperature and speed.
  • Ironing:We recommend ironing at medium heat without applying too much pressure.

If you have any other questions regarding the maintenance of our products, pleasecustomer serviceContact our team. Enjoy elegance and comfort in your bathroom!


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    Jayla Loincloth
    Jayla Loincloth
    • Special Turkish Cotton

      We use the highest quality cotton for your pure cotton feeling.

    • Love and Care

      As a family business, women's brand, we produce with love and care.

    • Timeless Designs

      Our modern, simple and stylish designs; It meets elegant and comfortable textures.

    • Peaceful Shopping

      Always fast shipping and easy returns for your practical and comfortable shopping experience.

    What you are wondering!

    What is the meaning of Irya?

    Irya is a special name formed by the combination of the names of two sisters: İrem and Yağmur. Irya represents the bond of two sisters and our family, growing with love and devotion.

    When was the Irya brand founded?

    Our family has been producing textiles in Denizli for more than twenty-five years. Irya, as a brand of production based on our family traditions, was founded in 2010. We continue to produce with our renewed brand identity and energetic team led by women!

    How to care for my Iria products?

    We have created a detailed care guide to protect the sensitivity of our carefully designed products and to use them in the gentlest way possible.

    Which payment methods can I make purchases with?

    You can pay for your order via our website with the assurance of Iyzico payment system, EFT and money transfer methods.

    When will my order be delivered?

    Your orders will be carefully prepared and delivered to cargo within 1-3 business days . Yurtiçi Cargo, with which we have a contract, will deliver your order to you within 2-4 business days with the Irya guarantee.

    What is your return and exchange policy?

    We offer fast shipping, easy returns and exchange services to make your shopping experience with Irya enjoyable, comfortable and practical. You can return your order within 14 days and send it to our warehouse with free shipping. If you have any questions, you can contact our customer service team by email or phone .